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Samuel Heath & Sons PLC is listed on the AIM market.

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This information in this section of the website is disclosed in accordance with AIM Rule 26. The information was last modified on 27th March 2024.

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AIM Rule 26



It is the Board's abiding aim to provide clear and transparent information as to the Company's activities, strategies and financial position to its shareholders. Details of all shareholder communications are available on the Company's website.

The Company is committed to communicating openly with its shareholders to ensure that its strategy and performance are clearly understood. We communicate with shareholders through Annual Report and Accounts, full-year and half-year announcements and the annual general meeting (AGM) to which we encourage shareholders to attend and participate. Our website contains a range of corporate information (including all Samuel Heath announcements) which is available to shareholders, investors and the public.

Private shareholders: The AGM is the principal forum for dialogue with private shareholders, and we encourage all shareholders to attend and participate. The Notice of Meeting is sent to shareholders at least 21 days before the meeting. The chairs of the board and all committees, together with all other directors whenever possible, attend the AGM and are available to answer questions raised by shareholders. Shareholders vote on each resolution, by way of a poll.

The Company maintains a dedicated email address which investors can use to contact the company which is prominently displayed on its website together with the company's address and telephone number. As the Company is too small to have a dedicated investor relations department, the Financial Director is responsible for reviewing all communications received from members and determining the most appropriate response.


The Works Committee meets 3 times a year as a forum to pass on information and for members to raise concerns. Matters are recorded and following appropriate consultation, reported on at the next meeting.


Our representatives meet regularly with all significant customers to inform them of new products with samples where possible, to pass on product knowledge and understand their business plans and aspirations. Reports are produced which form part of our sales forecasting and budgetary process, these are fed back to influence future product and services development.


Our purchasing department interact regularly with suppliers to ensure minimal disruptions to the supply chain and to ensure best value for money for the company. New suppliers are invited to quote for materials, components and services.


The business constantly reviews the relevant regulations governing its products to ensure current and future compliance within major markets. Door closers for use on fire doors are subject to performance standards. Taps and showers are subject to water usage restrictions and performance standards. The Company submits its products for third party testing both in the UK and in overseas markets and maintains 'listings' where appropriate.

Changes in legislation and approvals can have a material impact on product designs which are fed back through our NPD process.


The company is a member of a number of influential trade bodies and attends Management and Technical committees to ensure we 'have a voice' in the development of best practice and are able to influence any applicable legislation. The Managing Director, Sales Director and Head of Design are involved in this process. Relevant outcomes are related to other Board members at monthly Board meetings.


The business looks to reduce any negative effects on the environment.

In 2022/23 measures taken to improve its use or resources have been:

  • Energy Efficiency
    o  Our new product range has been designed to be more sustainable and is made with less components and less material wastage, resulting in a reduction in energy usage.
    o   We have replaced a number of older space heating boilers with more thermally efficient versions.
    o   Work has begun to improve insulation in a number of areas such as heating pipes and above false ceilings to reduce thermal heat loss.
    o   More LED lighting has been installed in conjunction with motion sensors in certain areas.
  • Packaging Box Changes
    o   Work has continued to move away from singe use plastic in our product packaging with our new range product boxes to be plastic packaging free. These changes will then be rolled out across existing product ranges over the next year.
    o   We have introduced alternative packing materials such as ‘cardboard bubble paper’ and will be replacing existing plastic packaging over the next year.
    o   Paper based adhesive tape has been introduced for sealing product boxes.
  • Waste reduction & recycling
    o   We have removed single use plastic water bottles and replaced them with alternative sustainable refillable bottles.
  • Car Fleet
    o   As vehicles in the car fleet come up for renewal, the conventional engine vehicles are being replaced by plug in hybrid or fully electric vehicles.

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