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Samuel Heath & Sons PLC is listed on the AIM market.

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This information in this section of the website is disclosed in accordance with AIM Rule 26. The information was last modified on 25th August 2022.

Queries on Shareholding

Announcement about our Chairman Mr Heath

AIM Rule 26

Director and Significant Shareholdings

The company has issued 2,534,322 ordinary shares of 10p each, of which 79.0% are not in public hands. There are no shares held in treasury.

Date Updated : 07/2022

The shareholdings of the directors and other major shareholders (with shareholdings greater than or equal to 3%) are shown below.

Shareholder Status Shares Held Share %
S B Heath (deceased) * Director 455,800 18.00%
M P Whieldon Director 1,000 0.04%
S G P Latham Director 1,000 0.04%
M J Harrison Director 1,000 0.04%
A R Buttanshaw Non Executive Director 1,000 0.04%
M P Green Non Executive Director 1,000 0.04%
R M H Andrews Non Executive Director 1,000 0.04%
C A Heath Non-Director 378,710 14.94%
G S Heath Non-Director 378,710 14.94%
VOB&T UK Limited Non-Director 309,500 12.21%
S A Perkins (nee Heath) Non-Director 272,810 10.76%
Ferlim Nominees LTD - Pooled A/c Non-Director 130,400 5.15%
P S Allen Non-Director 103,600 4.09%

* S.B. Heath’s shares are currently held within his estate.

Share Information:

Other exchanges or trading platforms where Samuel Heath and Sons PLC are admitted or traded: 
Samuel Heath and Sons PLC are not traded, or admitted to be traded on any exchange or trading platforms other than AIM.

Restrictions on the transfer of securities: 
There are no restrictions on the transfer of shares

Corporate Governance

The Company aims to support the principles set out in the Code and complies in some areas where it considers it appropriate to do so given both the size and resources available to the Company.

The Company is subject to the UK City Code on Takeovers and Mergers.

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