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Samuel Heath & Sons PLC is listed on the AIM market.

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Company Directors

The Board is made up of experienced executive and non-executive directors. Executive directors are experienced in their management discipline, ie Sales, Production or Finance.

Non-executive directors are from outside businesses and experienced in advising and supporting a variety of companies.

The Board members are encouraged to work together, whilst challenging in a constructive manner.


Mr A Buttanshaw is an accountant and spent some 15 years in the GKN Group, as well as having experience in other companies, which has given him significant experience in the running of manufacturing and international businesses. He is the Senior Independent Director, acting as Non-Executive Chair.


Mr M Whieldon joined the company in 1995 as a sales representative in Europe. Fluent in German and French, he went on to manage the sales team in both the export and home territories and has travelled widely, promoting the company's products to customers and at numerous trade shows to dealers and specifiers alike. He was appointed to the board in 2010 as Sales Director, he was appointed Deputy Managing Director in February 2020, and Managing Director from January 2021.


Mr S Latham is a Certified Accountant, initially training under Arthur Andersen, since being a professional auditor he has worked in industry for over 28 years, working in a Financial Director role for over 20 years. He has a breadth of experience in growing companies and international operations.


Mr M Harrison is a Chartered Mechanical Engineer and has worked in the manufacturing industry for over 24 years. He has led manufacturing operations in a number of different sectors including beverage dispensing and cooling equipment, power generation and aerospace, and has experience of managing factories and installation teams across multiple sites, both at home and overseas.


Mr M Green is a solicitor who trained at Pinsent Masons in Birmingham before joining Lodders to specialise in wealth planning. Although now retired, he was senior partner of Lodders LLP and has over 30 years experience of acting as legal advisor to business and private clients. His experience offers guidance in the legal arena to the company and he is Chair of the Remuneration Committee.


Mr R Andrews is a highly experienced and accomplished Corporate Adviser with 30 years' experience advising companies and management teams on public market transactions, and brings financial and commercial experience to the Board. He is also Chair of the Audit Committee.


Simon Latham


Adam Daniels
Rolando Guselli 

The directors keep abreast of our markets and industry through regular and frequent communication with our customers, designers and agencies, also attending various trade shows and exhibitions. Technical skills are kept up to date through communication with various external advisors, research and training updates.

All directors are encouraged to maintain individual continuing professional development programmes and all have the opportunity, if required, to attend specialist courses to enhance their skills. The Company Secretary, from time to time, provides technical briefings related to regulatory compliance issues, supported by our NOMAD, Cairn Financial.

The company retains the services of three external advisers.

RSM UK act as our auditors.

Cairn Financial Advisers are our nominated adviser and broker for our dealings with the London Stock Exchange and AIM.

Autonomy Wealth support the financial planning for the business, and advise on the legacy Pension Scheme.

Cooper Parry act as our taxation advisors.

In addition, in 2023 the business also engaged John Chivers Commercial to conduct a valuation of its property assets, and Tallon and Associates a valuation of its plant and equipment assets.


The Chair reviews the contributions of each board member on an ongoing basis, both individually and in relation to the performance of the company as a whole. The reviews consider effectiveness in areas including general supervision and oversight, business risks and trends, communications, corporate governance and individual contribution. Any refinements identified in working practices can then be adopted.

The balance of the Board is also assessed, for both numbers and experience. With the death of Mr Heath, the chair has reviewed the current Board, and concluded that membership and effectiveness is suitable.

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