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Samuel Heath & Sons PLC is listed on the AIM market.

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The Board meets regularly to monitor and steer the company.

There is a clear structure of responsibility, and a mix of executive and experienced non-executive members.

Support is provided both through committees (eg for Audit and Remuneration) and access to internal subject experts when necessary.

The members of the Board have a collective responsibility and legal obligation to promote the interests of the company and are collectively responsible for defining corporate governance arrangements. Ultimate responsibility for the quality of, and approach to, corporate governance lies with the Chair of the Board.

The Board consists of six directors of whom three are executives (Martyn Whieldon, Martin Harrison and Simon Latham) and three are independent non-executives (Anthony Buttanshaw, Martin Green and Ross Andrews). The Board is supported by two committees: Audit and Remuneration. The Board does not consider that it is of a size at present to require a separate nominations committee.

Non-executive directors attend 7-9 board and board committee meetings per year and are available at other times as required for face-to-face and telephone meetings with the executive team.

The Chairman is responsible for ensuring that, to inform decision-making, directors receive accurate, sufficient and timely information. The Company compiles the board and committee papers which are circulated to directors prior to meetings. The Company Secretary provides minutes of each meeting.

Meetings held during the last 12 months (to end of March 2021) and the attendance of directors is summarised below:

* David Pick retired on 31 December 2020

Board Meetings Audit Committee Remuneration Committee
Possible Attended Possible Attended Possible Attended
Samuel Heath 10 10 - - 2 2
Exec Directors
David Pick * 8 8 - - - -
Martyn Whieldon 10 10 - - - -
Simon Latham 10 10 2 2 - -
Martin Harrison 10 10 - -
Non-Exec Directors
Anthony Buttanshaw 10 10 2 2 2 2
Martin Green 10 10 2 2 2 2
Ross Andrews 10 10 2 2 2 2


The Company uses its long-established skills and investments in manufacturing metals to produce high-quality products for the bathroom and door hardware markets.

The customer value proposition is supported by:

  • Brand value and recognition through long standing targeted advertising and PR.
  • High quality design, manufacture and in-house finishing.
  • Effective customer service and support from regular direct contact with resellers and specifiers of across product ranges.
  • Industry leading shipment/delivery times.

The shareholder value is supported by:

  • Variety of geographical markets spreading economic risk.
  • Strong Balance Sheet.
  • Vertically integrated manufacturing facility affords total control of quality and availability of product to ultimate customer.
  • Recruiting and retaining suitable staff with the necessary skills and abilities enables the company to execute its strategy effectively. We foster initiatives to encourage the promotion of good staff engagement as well as ensuring that remuneration packages are competitive within the markets in which we operate.

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