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LMK Industrial | Bauhaus Reborn

A legacy of one of the most influential design movements of the 20th century.

Although visual signposts such as stark geometric shapes, simplicity and elegance of design might be the easiest-to-spot indicators to Bauhaus’s effect on contemporary fashion, fittingly, for a movement defined by its core principles, it’s the school’s ethos that has proven to have the most enduring influence.

Here, we have used those defining principles to create our own wallpaper backdrop. This ‘graphic’ has been used to act as a foil to the beautifully detailed and proportioned LMK 3 hole chrome plated bath filler, a product that exemplifies Bauhaus’s simple approach, which came as a reaction against the fallible and frivolously decorative human touch of the arts and crafts movement that preceded it.

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Product Wall Mounted Bath Filler
Finish Chrome Plate

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