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LMK Industrial | Marble Revival

Few materials provide so much understated elegance, sophistication and style as marble and now this versatile material is a firm favourite for the finest of interiors.

Marble cladding for the walls and metal accessories in hues of brass create a stylish return to the 70’s aesthetic in the colour combination and tonalities. Brass is fast becoming the new most fashionable metal for the bathroom. In combination with the ‘nobility’ of marble it produces an irresistible combination.

Graham & Brown’s trend forecaster Paula Taylor is a huge fan of marble. She says: “We predict that marbled textures in particular will be an extremely prominent theme. The patterns in marble look as if they’ve been hand painted, mimicking ocean waves. Marble effect is a look that’s been borrowed directly from Mother Nature, instead of being created by a designer. It really adds something new to the outdoors/indoors trend that seems omnipresent in interior design.”

Here we see the ‘warmth’ in this LMK shower handset and riser rail set against the opulence of a marble wall with a natural broken edge contrasting the precision of the knurled handset grip.

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Product Hand Shower and Slider Rail
Finish Urban Brass

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