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Earth Day 2021: Brass and the environment

At Samuel Heath, we are proud to support environmental protection with our brassware manufacturing and recycling processes.

Our brassware is crafted from quality European brass, which has significant environmental and economic advantages. This is due to its pure copper and zinc composition which can be recycled and re-used an infinite number of times without losing its chemical or physical properties. We also choose to recycle any by-products of our brassware for minimal wastage and this process yields a smaller carbon footprint in comparison to aluminium or steel.

Our attention to quality and environmental responsibility is under our total control at our Birmingham factory, where all of our manufacturing processes take place. From holding stock of our own brass rods which are machined, polished and plated all under the same roof, to our new zero plastic and fully recyclable packaging which is being rolled out across our collections. Here, we can track the journey of our brassware production from start to end.

Craftsmanship and integrity have been our core principles since our inception in 1820, and they remain so to this day.

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