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Landmark Industrial, Lone Pine, Wyoming

Lone Pine pays homage to artisanal influence in its design with a running theme of bronze ironmongery and traditional brass accessories.

Jackson, Wyoming is known as the ‘Big Sky Country’. Picture a serene open valley with mountain ranges, alpine meadows, waterfalls & glaciers. The destination is becoming an increasingly popular spot for world class skiing and authentic adventure, particularly with city dwellers who crave the open road.

The Lone Pine compound is sited to make the most of its majestic views; oriented to view neighbouring structures and an adjacent ski resort. The location is ideal for this weekend hideaway, for those that appreciate modern design sensibilities.

The property was developed by CLB Architects; a firm known for merging abstract property design into their surrounding land. The design was conceptualised by a common ranch, then elements were subtracted to manage light source and establish a connection to nature.

The floorplan of the build contains an innovative use of elevations to create a community feel while maintaining a sense of simplicity. Floor to ceiling windows are split between parallel levels. The ground floor contains a sunlit living area, office and gallery - while the upstairs roof projections include covered patios and balconies to transition a living space to the outdoors, once more. The focus on nature is then emphasized with a contrast of light and dark natural cedar wood to the exterior, while the interior combines a rich palette of mahogany millwork, white oak floors and exposed cliff stone.

The awe-inspiring detail of Lone Pine pays homage to artisanal influence, with a running theme of ironmongery that enhances the merger of form and function. This includes a steel and leather entry door and a steel stair railing with leather strapping. Meanwhile, the upper master bathroom is fitted with traditional brass accessories by Samuel heath. The client selected our Landmark Industrial collection of brass basin faucets, bath and shower fixtures and a wall-mounted mirror. This collection has a Bauhaus influence, which offers a new artistic flair to the space. A City Bronze finish also complements the warm & decadent palette of surrounding wooden cabinetry and marble flooring.

Lone Pine is a luxurious retreat and a fine example of contemporary design. Its architecture is striking against its natural setting, yet the interior is grounded in effortless functionality.


Product Landmark Industrial in City Bronze
Designer CLB Architects
Photography Matthew Millman

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