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Landmark Pure, Grade II Listed Farmhouse, South Yorkshire

In this grade II listed farmhouse renovation, Rachel Usher adopts Bauhaus design principles to encourage a flow of movement

Many rooms within this grade II listed farmhouse were unused by the homeowner due to architecture that challenged movement with multiple floor levels and a series of interconnecting doors. Multi-award winning designer and previous Samuel Heath partner Rachel Usher was appointed to renovate the home, taking inspiration from Bauhaus design principles to reinstate the functionality of every room.

Much like the features of the infamous German architectural style, Usher intended to remove unnecessary details within the home to highlight the strength between texture, scale and simplicity. A careful combination of furnishings in curved and circular shapes create multiple ‘zones’ for everyday living, simultaneously breaking up the strong symmetry of the architecture and allowing the rooms to breathe. A mix of contrasting materials throughout the living areas resemble a sumptuous cocktail lounge with one ‘zone’ including white plaster walls, a moody blue boucle sofa and timber oak screens that divide two seating areas.

In less experienced hands, an abundance of artwork would risk throwing off the ‘Feng Shui’ of the interiors, however Usher carefully selected each of the privately commissioned works to perform within the room by adapting the colour, lighting and mood. This includes a large ‘Nimbus’ pendant light by CTO, made from dozens of facetted glass discs which softly filter the light and create a peaceful effect.

The bathroom was designed with the same authoritative character as the rest of the property, using careful spatial planning to create space and volume. Hand applied resin seamlessly integrates walls with a walk-in shower, basin & shelving, leaving Samuel Heath brassware in City Bronze to become a feature. The overall design may appear simplistic, however subtle design details such as ‘shadow gap’ wall detailing adds a new dimension by allowing a gentle wash of light to fall over the surfaces and reveal their subtle texture. Usher selected Landmark Pure basin, bath and shower fittings due to their roots in Bauhaus design, with raw & refined features that can be enjoyed for their material and craftsmanship. Like the theme of the interiors, the fixtures remove unnecessary details that detract from the shape and form, however when combined with finishes that work in harmony, a strong modernist aesthetic emerges.

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Product Landmark Pure in City Bronze
Designer Rachel Usher
Photography Two Bears Studio

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