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Xenon, Eaton Mews North, London

This haven of tranquility and tech presents the feel of a luxurious boutique hotel with futuristic attention to detail.

The ‘Mews’ residence is nestled within a former 19th century courtyard with ground-floor internal garages, where some of the very first automobiles may have been stored. Its four floors replace stables and living quarters with 2500 square feet of light & airy living space.


Product Xenon in Polished Nickel
Designer Jess Weeks Interiors
Photography Renny Whitehead, Property Photography, UK

When the long-standing bones of the property gave way to a severe flood, Jess Weeks Interiors was appointed to perform extensive repairs and add a signature sense of poetry via soft design and staging, while updating the space to be aligned with a modern market.

Jess Weeks Interiors successfully created the experience of a luxurious high-end hotel, packed with futuristic audio visual technology, hidden systems and smart security, while retaining a sense of peace through considered attention to detail. While impressive gadgets in most rooms project this former coach house into the 20th century, the marble shower room is a key example of where materially, tranquillity and tech melt together - allowing well-being to remain at the heart of the aesthetic.

This marble-clad shower room design is the first of its kind and embodies all aspects of the brief with great success. The room is formed of three fully cladded marble slabs, made from hand-selected Italian marble. Weeks realised that when the stone was lit from underneath, it unearthed an incredible glow. An experiment with light sources resulted in three walls with in-built alcoves and wall-hanging shelves that create a peaceful, welcoming effect. The construction has full Ingress Protection ratings due to an innovative electrical channel system designed by JWI London, alongside marble fabrications that hold the lighting systems in place without the sight of stone adhesive.

Xenon bathroom fittings by Samuel Heath epitomise an ideal of longevity with pure & simple design, while exuding the desired modern effect. The Polished element of the Nickel finish reflects the pattern of surrounding marble, allowing the fixtures to become ‘one’ with the design, while development of natural patina provides warmth and character. The selection of these high quality, hand-crafted fixtures adds magnitude to a portfolio of well-considered finishes from selection, to installation to hand-over to the client.

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