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Landmark Pure, Canal House Apartments, Amsterdam

Natural materials with magnificent patina were important choices to match the rich heritage of this iconic Amsterdam canal house.

Originally built to accommodate a boom of trading in the 17th century, Amsterdam’s tall & slim canal houses are the city’s most picturesque features. Cris van Amsterdam was appointed to renovate multiple canal house apartments on the canal-side of Keizergracht - using natural materials that flow effortlessly with the history of the building.


Product Landmark Pure in Urban Brass
Designer Cris van Amsterdam
Photography Rob Kater

‘Character, atmosphere and functionality’ are the pillars of Cris van Amsterdam’s studio approach and these are often portrayed by using ‘real’ materials with strong durability. The philosophy is clearly reflected within the apartments designs, achieved by preserving the historical architecture of the canal house and using cement and wood wall coverings to update the space with a classic, industrial feel.

A running theme of robust details are what add tactile depth to the canal house interiors, from heavyweight brass wall dividers in linear patterns in the bedroom to genuine leather Barcelona chairs in the hallway. Samuel Heath bathroom fittings were selected for their premium brass construction that offer a weighted feel with every turn of crosshead and lever, thus adding integrity to the industrial feel. All of the natural details used are cohesive in their ability to become better with age through the adoption of their own magnificent patina.

The transcendence of ‘classic industrial’ interiors is perhaps most prominent in the unconventional bedroom-turned-bathroom – a fine example of innovative Dutch design. Here, an arch-shaped room housing only a bed makes way to a walk-in shower, perfectly nestled beneath the beams of the ceiling. The addition of simplistic Landmark Pure concealed thermostatic shower fixtures create a bold statement against light travertine marble, while a golden Urban Brass finish gently elevates an earthy colour scheme. The bathroom encapsulates the premise of the brief by offering the luxuries of modern living while complementing the classic architecture of Keizergracht.

“The taps and fittings we found within the Samuel Heath collection were a perfect match. The robust taps really make a statement and are solid in use. Operating the tap has an industrial feel to it, I like that a lot” - Cris van Amsterdam

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