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Samuel Heath

Otherwise known as ‘The Four Graces’, Samuel Heath’s exciting new brand campaign is now well recognized for featuring beautiful images of women emerging from an artistic creation of water splashes.

Inspired by timeless couture fashion, the campaign adds a new twist to the mythological tale of the Greek goddesses, ‘The Three Graces’. The iconic poses of the campaign’s four women represent the charm, beauty, creativity and desirability of Samuel Heath’s key collections.

The shots, which were originally inspired by water patterns, were captured using a high-speed flash, capable of photographing a speeding bullet.

Beginning with water, the images tell the story from the high-quality raw brass used in Samuel Heath’s products to the resulting design and manufacturer of its collections.

Choosing timeless style and high-end design, the images visualize the attention to detail and meticulous craftsmanship that remains at the heart of Samuel Heath’s ethos.

Samuel Heath products are available from selected bathroom showrooms and department stores